There is elegance, beauty and grace in each and every girl - the curriculum is planned to fine-tune and enhance these inherent qualities which enables you to present your best possible self to the world. The extensive curriculum at N H Goel Finishing school will give you the makeover of a lifetime and you will look good, feel good and be good.

Personality Development


Our personality is a pliable peculiarity in character that goes through a transformation or even a complete change and lead to self-improvement, influence and success. The Finishing School will help in this process of transformation which will lead to optimum personality development.

The curriculum includes Social and Business Etiquette, Body Language and posture, Self Esteem, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Diction and Public Speaking Skills, Universal Values, Time Management and Etiquette.

Effective Communication


The students are trained in improving the four skills involved in Communication - Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. Regular opportunities to speak in a public forum is also provided which improves command over their language skills.

Special sessions on Diction and Public Speaking, Presentation and Written Communication builds their confidence and enhances communication skills greatly.

Physical Fitness


Regular yoga and zumba sessions help in weight management, toning the body, prevention of chronic diseases, enhances longevity, improves stamina,regulates mood and promotes general wellbeing. These mandatory daily sessions are included in order to facilitate positive habit formation for life. Students enjoy their evening workout sessions by learning to swim, do self defense practice and be involved with playing basketball and badminton

Being a student of N H Goel Finishing School gives you access to the world class sporting facilities available at NHGWS Sports Academy. NHFWS Sports Academy is one of the best in India and houses excellent indoor and outdoor sporting arenas. The students are trained by specially qualified coaches.

Deportment & Behavior Management


Practical and in-depth training on Social Etiquette and Behaviour Management is imparted through regular sessions and reinforcement through invigorating sessions on Social and Business Etiquette, Body Language, Grooming and Hygiene, Time Management, Anger control which will blossom them into refined ladies.

Sessions on deportment will teach the art of walking in heels, maintaining the correct posture, appropriate attire for occasions and situations and being the best versions of themselves at all times.

Home Management


Housekeeping is an art which needs to be perfected down to a science. Every accomplished person needs to master it in order to live a comfortable and fulfilling life from planning the decor of your home to the day to day functioning, all these important aspects of housekeeping are covered during the course.

The programme includes elements of interior decoration, home maintenance, flower arrangement, gift wrapping, meal planning, cooking etc.

Beauty & Personal Grooming


Beauty and the Personal Grooming is an integral part of the curriculum which promises to give you a complete makeover. Modules on Body Shape and styling,Accessorising, Makeup essentials, Hair care and styling are incorporated to bring out the best in your physical attributes.

saree draping is an essential part of their self-grooming in which girls are taught to drape saree in creative and innovative ways and carry them with complete grace. The school has a well equipped beauty studio where accomplished and renowned professionals impart grooming and training.

Event Management


The students will get the opportunity to plan, prepare and implement events at regular intervals which will help them understand first hand, the intricacies in organising and conducting a successful event.

Culinary Arts


The students are introduced to the basics of Culinary Arts. They are taught to cook and serve a variety of cuisines like Continental, Indian, Asian, Mexican, Italian, etc.

They are also given hands on training in Baking, Dessert, Salads and Soups. These lessons are imparted by permanent faculty and by celebrity chefs.

Ramp Walk


The Ramp walk forms a part of the finale event. It is a canvas to showcase the transformation of the students from simple belles to glamorous ladies.

Dignitaries, parents and guardians are invited to witness this transformation. The students step out with confidence and élan on the ramp.